Attracted To Chaos

What is the difference between a traditional painting and a digital one? The realness of the object? It's tangibility? I would argue that both can obviously exhibit fine artistry and skill - all things being equal, if we were to choose one, we would always want the 'real' thing though. Besides it's tangibility and value as an object - what makes a painting made with physical material so attractive to us? As we have moved into the virtual age a kind of nostalgia has creepd through society. Vinyl record sales have exploded in the past 5 years - an industry many thought would be ground to dust from the digitization of music. Is it just nostalgia that plays a part in this? A desire for the old w

What NOT to Be

There are more ideas in the world than lifetimes to do them in - so picking the right ones to pursue is a tricky process. Whether it is a career decision to specialise in this niche or that. A decision to follow one project or another. What to devote your time to in a day, week or month. Or simply what to glean and take from a book. Every choice to take on something is to disqualify other options. You choose what to be or do by choosing what NOT to. It is a flip from the usual way of defining yourself as what you are, and because of that, one that gets you to ask the better questions... The finer grained the choice, the less differences between them, the more important it is to know what NOT

Your Radical Potential

Your actions are a reflection of your goals - what you want, what you are aiming for. Many think that working harder is the answer to getting what you want. But really it is not. That mentality puts the cart before the horse. What you need is a strong goal. A strong want. That creates strong actions - ones that from the outside appear to be 'hard work' or 'natural talent' or 'iron discipline'. An effective goal makes the efficient work easy. It is something to wake up for in the morning... We'd all work hard if there were a gun to our head, energy is not our problem. So when you feel like you're procrastinating or not working hard enough ask yourself - "are my goals equal to my potential". I

Substance & Sensitivity

Art can just be an image, a beat - it can tap into that innate desire to listen and see something you like. And then it can go deeper. It can be the surface and the immediate while offering depth and challenge. I don't like to say art has to be this or that, anything goes these days and you can generally find an audience who engages with you work how you want it to be engaged with. A succinct line in a song, a poetic application of paint or a deft dance move are the height of what creativity can offer - a communication not just physically and precisely executed, but a raw and coherent expression. Substance and sensitivity of an idea weaved into the fabric of a medium. It is up to the artist

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