Setting Up Three.js & WebGL

Ever wanted to program generative art graphics? Ever wanted to create amazing graphics that can work accross web, mobile and installations? Want an easy environment to sketch your computer graphics in? Then you've come to the right place. This tutorial will focus on how to setup Three.js in Visual Studio Code so that you can start coding as quickly as possible. It will be aimed at beginners to generative art, web graphics and three.js so you may want to skim this if you're already versed in these. 1. Setting Up Your Code Editor To start to code you need someplace to code, store your code files and also run them. So first of all, go to download Visual Studio Code here. VS Code is a very basic

How To Start Creative Coding

Computational painting is a form of creative coding - using software to create artwork. There is a wealth of really great beginner level resources for this so instead of trying to butcher your learning of it I have rounded up what I think are the best resources for starting to creatively code. Creative Coding Software/ Code To get started in creative coding you need something to code in. A programming language and a software that lets you write and build those programs. There isn't one defacto system that is THE BEST to make art in. Each language and software has it's positives and negatives, all generally based on what they were intended to be used for; web, real time graphics, audio-visual

What Is Computational Painting?

Computational painting is a form of artmaking that involves using physical media alongside computer technology to create images that go beyond what the two media alone can do. It is a combination of graphics programming, drawing and kinetic design. It is like painting with visual effects. Through a chosen media or physical object, the artist streams in a live feed of the image or data generated during the artmaking session into a software that then processes this data into a computer VFX the artist created themselves. This can be done a variety of ways using any physical media, different computer hardware and various CG software. This opens up a wealth of artistic opportunity through experim

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