Shadow Portrait 1

Colour Video, 2160 x 3840 pixels

Proprietary Software


A series of figurative computational paintings started in 2019. I wanted to investigate what could be done if you used computer vfx as paint to depict something more vivid than purely abstract works. 


When you can encode and write the material you paint with, what new poetics and symbolism can be created?

Can the extension of paint into time and movement depict our modern world and people?

Can algorithms scream, laugh and weep like paint does?


I wanted to depict the human condition in relation to the modern world, technology and the avatars we use and are influenced by that exist within this immortal, timeless space online. They have become our new myths and gods in modern times, perpetually destroyed and reborn. In a space that is immortal and precariously transient. 


Made using custom C++ software and traditional oil paint and gouache. Each paint stroke is processed into a VFX  using the data of the stroke to drive it's behaviour. Digitally augmenting the painters palette with time and behaviour as a parameter. 

Process Capture

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