A Little Ignorance Goes A Long Way

Ignorance is bliss.. in more ways than one.

There is the ignorance of facts, of the truth. Things you will not admit to yourself, evils you are oblivious to - for better or for worse. Much of the world revolves around this and people use this everyday to function properly within it.

Then there is ignorance of opinion...

If you ask people for their advice, what they would do in your shoes, they very often give you their opinion instead of their advice.

Being a intelligent individual you appreciate their time, consideration and thought - being an intelligent person you weigh it in your mind and change yourself based on it.

This is called being open-minded.

However too often we confuse opinion for fact, we think that people know more than us, that they understand fully our position and have our best interests at heart.

This extends not just into asking for advice, but also in other more indirect and less obvious ways. A video on how to paint, an article on how to behave, a book about how to find love...

If we begin to see these for what they are; other people's experiences and not our own, we can start to believe in ourselves more - be more stubborn in our dreams, be a bit more ignorant of the warning signs and the 'helpful advice' that tell you to: 'not to do it THAT way but THIS way'.

We must see rules more as markers for explored territory, not hard facts.

Ways to bootstrap our own ideas into the unknown.

When you're in the unknown, markers only hold you back, define you, limit you...

A little bit of ignorance goes a long way.