Active Free Time

When we say: "free time" , what we really mean is "time to switch my brain off"

Modern living and technology feeds us content and placates our motivations - it feels rewarding to watch films, play games and scroll through social media. These activities take minimal effort and, through catharsis, make us feel like we have earned it - like we have gone through the experience ourselves...

That is not to say that being passive doesn't have its place - switching off is a needed balance to being on all the time.

But often we default to it. Using time that could be spent on a hobby or activity that would ultimately make us more happy.

The idea that free time means time dedicated to do nothing within tells a story of imbalance. It's us seeking happiness in something that won't give it, to seek solace from a life we aren't content with - otherwise we wouldn't spend time away from it in the first place...

There is time to do nothing within AND ALSO our free time - time to spend.

We find happiness in doing things. Through creating something - within ourselves or within the world. So it makes sense that when we don't do this, and when we do the opposite by consuming, we actually become more sad, not less..

Spending time actively, spending time on things that either make you happy while or after you do them may give you the happiness you need.

It just might make you not want to switch off so often...