Always Seek To Prove Yourself Wrong

If you are always right, you never learn.


If you are always wrong you always learn.

Breaking down your preconceived models of the world and yourself shows you new paths, better ways to live and expands your options.

As an experimental hybrid artist this is the only principle that will always guide me.

Often at the outset of a project you will have an idea of how to execute, have an idea of the final product. This is beneficial for producing work to which you already have made - you can do it quicker and easier if you know the way. But if you have not, if you have no experience then your idea is arbitrary.

And that is what proving yourself wrong does.

It builds experience.

Gives you answers and new questions.

More material to prove yourself wrong about.

A worthy aspiration, to want to learn as much as you possibly can about everything.


Always strive to prove yourself wrong.

Always learn from those different from yourself.

Always seek that which you presume.

Always find better people than you.

Always seek to listen, observe and understand.