An Atypical Life

It makes sense that if you want to do something different then you have to think differently.

And so to think differently means you must live differently. Live in the way that facilitates your difference, that sets you apart.

If you start a new business you will have to work weekends and times other people don't.

You will have to say no to hangovers and therefore no to alcohol and parties.

It is lonely and isolating. To see those around you challenge, misunderstand or dissuade your lifestyle decisions.

Are you right?

Do you need to give up this?

Do you need to take up that?

It is trial and error. But remember that if you want to make any real change, any real difference then you will need to change - you will need to be different.

An atypical life is a strange one but one full of meaning and value.

One that let's you see the world in a different way.

And because of that, add value to it..