Artistic Alchemy: The Refinement and Growth of Your Artwork

Like alchemy, the artistic process is a kind of cyclical one - with the detritus from your previous work being put back in as material for your current and so on.

You must build a great volume of this work, be constantly experimenting and creating under extreme pressure, making demands of yourself in order to level you and your work up.

From this volume you cull and refine, trimming the fat and excess, separating the good work from the great.

It is a constant waxing and waning process. You generate material so you can then destroy it and in the process find the gems.

This works because you very rarely hit a home-run the first time, or second or third. Sometimes you do not even know you have even if you are staring right at it.

You never know when the next big hit of yours is going to come. So you need to find it as soon as you can - you must race towards it.

Think of it like you must create several bad works in order to create one good one, in those failures you learn, they are vital to your success - the kindling of your fire.

You must fail as soon as you can as much as you can so you can discover that success.

When you build up this volume you gain perspective, you can see the bigger picture. With this you'll now clearly see the works for what they are. Some you thought bad will stand out as brilliant and others will be the opposite.

This volume with spur on more creation.

In turn more refinement and growth.

And a new cycle begins...