Artistic Observation Is An Approach to Life

In many ways art is a response to observation. Something an artist sees, hears, thinks - reaction from stimulus.

The degree to which you can express this and what connects with other people denotes it's truth.

This is important because there are many things too nuanced, too complex and personal to express with words or any other means. We add words on top of artworks in order to explain, to express the expression we see and feel - but nonetheless, the work itself is the most succinct explanation.

These nuances are what an artist sees and distills - they take the complex and abstract it into a visual, a song, a dance. They observe life and create from this observation.

Learning about it by creating around it.

In this way an artist only needs a well trained eye - one that can observe and observe deeply, that can see that which is taken for granted, hidden, or unknown to others. The invisible world - what is actually happening.

Learning to observe in this way is an approach to life, it makes one more sensitive and able to see the bigger picture.

Fools talk, cowards are silent, wise men listen.” ― Carlos Ruiz Zafon, The Shadow Of The Wind.