Attracted To Chaos

What is the difference between a traditional painting and a digital one?

The realness of the object? It's tangibility?

I would argue that both can obviously exhibit fine artistry and skill - all things being equal, if we were to choose one, we would always want the 'real' thing though.

Besides it's tangibility and value as an object - what makes a painting made with physical material so attractive to us?

As we have moved into the virtual age a kind of nostalgia has creepd through society. Vinyl record sales have exploded in the past 5 years - an industry many thought would be ground to dust from the digitization of music.

Is it just nostalgia that plays a part in this? A desire for the old ways, for a piece of our childhood?

There is a fingerprint, a noise, a crackle, an unmistakable mark left on physical things. The nuance and imperfection, no matter how expertly crafted, is always there.

It is this kind of chaos, this complex system found in life's nature, that attracts us to these things.

I would say good art is at least partly made from the successful composition of the chaotic nuances within the paint medium.

We are drawn to it not just for the artist's symbolic and pictoral representation or message but also for this nuance. And through either an umbrella effect or no, impart some of that message into this nuance. It is what keeps you coming back and back again to your favourite works - it is as if each particle has it's own world inside, it's own meaning that the author left there just for you..

This nuance mimics or is the same as the nuance and complexity of our own expereince of life - the unanswerd questions, the endless wonder, the va va voom that makes it all so exciting and worth living...

We are attracted to physical chaos because it is a naturally occuring element, physically and experientially.

Painting is composition of these complex systems.

When we can now author our own complex systems, through code and computing, why should we settle for a cursory imitation of the real thing and instead why not make paintings that continue the real reason we love paintings so much...

Because we are attracted to the chaos.

So what are you more attracted to - digital or traditional and why?

How can we use computers as an oppertunity to explore this attraction?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.