Batching Tasks

When you publish works daily, when you send emails out constantly, when you balance between creative, admin and social work - how the hell do you have the time to do anything productive?

The truth is that to do focused work takes an investment of several hours - the worst thing to do is to sink time into something, only to be taken right out of it a few hours later, right before you hit the really productive parts.

Task switching is itself a massive energy sink - you're likley to mess about for too long between tasks, likley to do less work and in general not be as effective.

You must BATCH my friend. It is incredibly simple but so many artists and entrepreneurs don't do it...

It is very, very simple. Group all tasks of a certain type to a certain time of the week dedicated to it.

Get all of your emails done the first hours on Monday.

Alternate between creative and admin days.

Have one week where you do front-end content, another where you do back-end development.

By batching your tasks you get more done in less time and delegate many of the small tasks that emerge in the day to their respective times.

Don't be reactive to the fickle whims of your day and mind. Be controlled and precise in execution, always.