Belief That Cages You. Volition That Frees You.

Exploration is a key part of experimental processes, be that in science, technology or art.

Navigating the process and evaluating and analyzing it is a tricky problem. You need value heuristics, markers in the sand by which to judge your progress.

How are these made?

How can they aid?

How can they restrain?

We bring assumptions with us everywhere we go as humans.

Very often these assumptions are produced to help you, to ease your decision making and allow you to survive. You have adapted and they have been instrumental in this.

However these assumptions can also blind you. They may prevent you from taking certain actions, either consciously or subconsciously. In this way your beliefs cage you, they prevent you from choice, from even seeing the choice.

Everyone is made up of events in their past and it either forms walls around one's spirit or breaks such walls down.

The mind makes some powerless and gives strength to others.

You make yourself a slave to a teaching or belief that makes it so that belief will always rule you.

Volition is it's own power.

To believe in an ideal or an artistic vision is to be willing to betray it.

Practically in art-making this means to focus on the process, not the product. To not be alarmed, frustrated or blindingly enthused at your end product. These are all results of assuming the outcome, believing only one exists and it is the one in your head.

You must be vigilant and check your actions. Decide on the truest idea from the outset and maintain that against all ornament, elaboration or prejudice.

See your progress objectively.

And make sure your beliefs and assumptions are not caging you.

Freeing you to possibility.

The Human Condition (1933) - Rene Magritte