Break That Monster Down

There is great power in small yet consistent contributions to your goals.

Too often we dream and want but don't move for fear of tackling the great unknown, for taking on that giant monster.

It is very hard not to think this way. You want to get in shape? All you see is the hundreds of hours ahead - nah I'd really rather do that tomorrow thanks.

Who wouldn't?

But the truth is this is our brain sabotaging us - and it is actually incorrect.

You don't have to put in those thousand hours - you just need to put in 10 minutes today, piece of cake, stupidly simple.

And that's the key.

To break that monster down into stupidly simple steps that you do, every day, every couple every week.

Whatever the time frame. As long as it is so damn easy to complete you can't not do it.

If 30 minutes of gym is too hard do 10, still too hard? do 5.

It's that simple.

It's the culmination of these stupidly simple steps that makes for clever gains.

Not only do you not need to worry, but you can enjoy it. Knowing every day if you do this one thing, that's you done. Finished, you can relax now....

We're not machines, there's only so much we can handle - don't take on those giants, they're imaginary anyway.

Break those imaginary monster down into real pieces of cake.