Decision Fatigue - How to Get More Done

Decision fatigue is real.

There is only a finite amount of willpower we each have per day.

It is why after getting back from a day of 9-6 work you cannot bring yourself to start that passion project that you really want. Writing just a page of that novel. Just another colour on that canvas. Just one rep of that exercise routine.

Why is there such a disconnect between our desire and our ability to execute?

Do not worry - this is natural.

You're fighting an uphill battle, and it's one you COULD tip in your favor - you just need to think a little differently.

By simply moving the most important, decision-making tasks to the start of the day and saving the autopilot, minimum brain activity tasks to the end you could increase your likelihood of completing that passion project, learning that new skill, get the things that are really important to you DONE!

Along with breaking down and externalizing your thoughts this technique is an amazing rule of thumb, it has been responsible for my continuous growth and the starting of this blog!

Check out this video for more info: