Expectations VS The World

A lot of the time our own malcontent stems from the world not meeting our expectations.

A piece of work you did wasn't what you thought it'd be.

An opportunity turns out to hold you back rather than propel you froward.

A loved one fails to be the person of your dreams.

The grass is always greener on the other side. Now, through technology, we are more than ever, aware of this. The Fear Of Missing Out...

You will always be unhappy because the world is constantly telling you you are, it is speaking through your misshapen expectations of it - you get these ideas and standards from somewhere after all.

If instead we focused on where we are right now, instead of far off imagining where we could be, our lives would fill up with the opportunity and solace of appreciation and meaning.

More often than not it is ourselves that make us unhappy, not our conditions or situation. If instead we sought to heal that, fixing the beam in ourselves rather than the splinters in others, we can finally stop living in the imaginary world of our malcontent and start living in the real one.

That is not to say you cannot dream of more and of a richer life and world.

But a dream of what could be is different from a nightmare of now.

Imagine the possibilities anchored in the present and the world in front of you.

Listen to it, observe objectively and humbly.

Base your expectations on facts, evidence and your own personal experience - instead of wildly throwing a dart at a dream someone else has told you of.

Don't paint a picture of what is not right in front of you.

Otherwise it is just your imagination - arbitrary opinion.

Don't expect of the world. Enjoy it instead.