Filter Out The Passive

In an age of masses of information, filtering has never been more relevant.

When you have multitudes of options, what NOT to pick is more important than what you actually do - the choice to not make a choice is also one too..

Filtering is such a massive part of our current society and will only get larger as we continually grow into the 21st century. We already have algorithms that select and filter information relevant to us, the moral and ethical problems facing this is an important question we must answer.

As well as the robots, there is also the filtering we do as humans that is far more powerful - but that often goes unused.

Before you even reach the point of using that search engine you make the choice to actually use it - a physical choice, one where you have in this case filtered out the physical for the digital.

Choosing to watch TV on demand instead of exercise, instead of reading or instead of cooking a nice meal. There are a great many things good about watching, about scrolling through our social feeds - there are also plenty more that are bad.

The main point is that we continually choose to forgo the active choices for the passive.

Continually choose to not think.

Not thinking is great. It gives relief to an otherwise hyperactive mind, one barraged by information, commitments, problems - to get away for even an hour is a godsend.

It is an unfortunate result of the age we live that the two ways of being have to be so polar opposite - it is either a torrent of information or a barren desert.

Both of these though are passive, one through being tirelessly barraged and the other to recuperate - it's like a one sided boxing match we are masochistically willing to submit to.

It feels good (and easy) not to choose.

If instead, we were more conscious of the activities we engage with habitually, filtering out the passive for the active - ones where your choice is brought forth into the world, where you exercise the power of choice, we can build a life more beneficial and healthy for us in the long-term.

The world is traveling on a super-speed highway - it is important to slow down and not get distracted by all the meaningless noise that creates, choosing instead to patiently take the winding path less traveled.

Filter out the passive, for the active.