Find Your Streams

I am fascinated with productivity, the creative process and generally the way in which we work and think.

I've already talked about how productivity comes from drips. Meaningful and gradual progress in the necessary places for you to level up.

But how do you know when a drip is too little or too much?

How often do you need to perform the action that will gradually build to your goal?

Some goals require daily attention to maintain.

Others barely even need to be touched in weeks.

Your processes and habits are like streams. Carrying enough water to the areas you require to grow. Some of them are massive torrents continuously. Some are infrequent bursts and others are gradual and steady rivers.

This will really depend on your priorities and schedule - what you realistically can fit in and where. Bargaining with yourself and your life. Mostly through trial and effort and grit.

Just know that there is no one way to do anything. Everyone has their own streams which have their own volume and frequency of activity. Do not get distracted, do not compare too much with others. You will always come up short, people will always be different with one another.

Be liberated by knowing only you know what is right for yourself.

So go out and experiment with how frequently and how much you can turn out things. Generally though it is more of a marathon than a sprint - small, manageable and realistic increments across a long period of time. Most people are too impatient or fickle to see this through.

Good luck, go find your streams.