Hearing Too Much

Artists need to be good observers to effectively capture ideas.

They need to be sensitive and practiced in seeking nuance and then abstracting it.

Listening, being attentive, having an open mind and flexible assumptions are great things in this regard...

However when you listen too much you get overloaded, the listening turns to hearing - the sense becomes nonsense and what was once clear becomes noisy. Listening too much to advice, to other people's truths, can become harmful.

Listening is only useful when it is supplanted with action - one needs to get experience by physically doing something within the world and then later can attach the right succinct truth to it for it to fully become a real internalized idea.

Have you ever gone on a YouTube motivational advice binge and then put none of it to action?

It's because you have to actually do the thing, not talk about it all day...

Hearing too much great advice tricks you into thinking you have.

And paralyzes you with choice.

Remain focused on your own, singular, experience, not other's. Steal and use their knowledge to compound your own - not replace it. Don't worry about doing it perfectly or for the right conditions - that'll take care of itself once you'v started...

Listen to yourself rather than hearing someone else.