I Want To Be A Great....


Software Developer...

There is more to this ambition than just the title.

In fact the title is basically meaningless in itself...

To be good at anything means you solve certain problems in certain domains, and solve them well.

Skill comes from the act of doing.

And doing the right actions means knowing what actions to take - being aware of their existence.

Knowing what actions to take comes from what you see - the problem at hand, clearly.

By knowing the problem, you can fit the solution to it.

Simply knowing solutions, techniques-without-context, algorithms, design patterns, software, a medium, is not enough. A certain solution may fit incredibly poorly to a problem you know little about...

When you are inexperienced, most of your time will be spent simply identifying problems - understanding their shape and what they require. After that the solution is a minimal part of the actual process...

Experience, becoming a great [insert occupation here] is all about pattern recognition. You build a database, enabling you to see them clearly, to anticipate them even, and to know appropriate solutions - it is that simple.

Almost all domains have this in common.

So strive instead to be a great observer, listener, understand-er.

Start with the WHY of it, then the HOW.

When you understand, the rest is downhill...

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