It's A Job

Making a business from you passion is the best way to level up.

It weirdly does this by removing your emotion from the process. Loving what you do and feeling content is different from being emotional about it.

Emotion is chaotic and not always on your side. Though you can soar with happiness you can also drown in negativity. The ideas is to iron out the creases and raise that average line every single day.

Sounds boring? It's anything but.

Having a job that keeps you busy, engaged and creatively problem solving is not only good for your health but is a whole lot of fun.

View your art as a job - be passionate enough that it gives you a mission to wake up for but objective enough to know that when it inevitably goes pear shaped it is not the end of the world...

Calling it just a job sounds dull.

But treating it like one is the thrill of a lifetime.