New kinds of Mark Making

When I am painting I experience a change in myself. An idea grows in me from beginning the first stroke through the painting process until the end, resulting in unintended ideas forming and a painting that is either better or worse for it but ultimately different than the one I initially intended. Representing the development of an idea.

The Physical Creative Feedback Loop

This extends far beyond painting; It's an unavoidable property of physical art practice, the feedback loop one experiences with the material they are creating with - making a mark, observing it's effect, sparking a new idea, then repeat.

This observation process has been around since the materials have been used by people, I think it's one of the most fantastic things about art - how new perspectives and ideas can be found and embodied through the act of creating itself.

If you take away this observation process, you take away this development of new ideas and expression with it. If the materials you use cannot react then they are static, they cannot speak back, you make them mute.

Augmenting the Feedback Loop

One domain I think of that has augmented itself successfully with technology is music. There are musicians now that utilize digital technology to make music but still retain that real world analog nuance and creative process. The creative process instead of being amputated by technology is enhanced by it.

Nils Frahm (above) sits in a pit of musical instruments and tools. Interconnected, analogue and digital, traditional and new. From this chaos he creates sounds, continuously hearing the result of his decisions from amps directed and surrounding him, reacting and changing his next actions as new ideas ebb and flow from the space between him and his instruments.

Augmented Mark Making

I think that we can make technology, programming and hardware, that uses these physical properties to allow for this kind of process to take place in visuals. I don't know what this would look like, but I do know that I'd love to have the same kind of 'eureka!' moments when I am programming that I do when I am painting.

I'd love to see new kinds of mark making in the same way these musicians have invented new ways of sound making.