On Perfection

Perfection is an ideal. An abstract idea never really actually achieved...

I've always preferred the chaos, nuance and intimacy of the imperfect - I feel like many times when I have strove for some kind of ideal I've always found something better along the way...

I think there are really 2 ways people mean perfect. Either it is 'perfect' in the sense that it needs to be exactly what was planned for. Or 'perfect' can mean it is great despite it's flaws - like an old tree or a messy but heart-warming best-man's speech and so on.

One embraces the imperfect and the other doesn't permit it at all.

I think that to be a successful artist you must use both. You must be bullish and vivid enough of your end goal yet flexible enough to roll with the punches, the inevitable problems and bumps along the way.

Strong yet bendy.

Perfectly imperfect.