Optimized Paper: Presupposed Thought Processes

When you build up enough experience in something you build an assumption.

Assumption turns to presupposition given enough supporting evidence for your experience being true.

When we finally, almost 100% know a process, the way of solving a problem - we can effectively build tools to expedite it.

Tools are extensions of ourselves.

Extensions of thought, of capability and of our intention.

We developed writing to communicate effectively, we built mathematical notation, graphs and metaphors for this too.

Our ways of representing our thoughts on paper.

Our mental processes.

When we bring our presuppositions with us, our old ways of thinking, into the future, we remain old.

We continue to think paper thoughts.

So while the computer can be used to expedite existing processes, using it as a means of production, it can also let us think in new ways...

That's what our future tools can really propel us toward.

To build new presuppositions.

To think new yet still incredibly human thoughts.

To be more than highly optimized paper...