People Turn Up For The Hooks But Stay For The Conversation

Gimmicks and hooks are great ways to get people to appear. To get initial interest, to have them show up. We are intrinsically lazy, energy conserving creatures - you gotta make it worth my while to come to you, there's got to be something shiny I better get out of this...

And it better be damn easy for me to get.

But people do not stay for gimmicks. Gimmicks are hollow, all surface and short in lifespan.

People stay for the conversation, they stay to be educated, they stay for the hard part, the promise of something new, they stay for meaning.

Meaning is deep.

Meaning is slow.

Meaning is difficult.

That is why you do not casually pick up War and Peace but you will watch a silly cartoon like Adventure Time...

Both have things to offer.

It is the balance between these two that creates the most meaningful impact in the most accessible and fun way.

Adventure Time is a great example of humor and fun about deep emotional subjects