Pictures Behind Glass

Digital images are pictures behind glass.

Because of this they feel lifeless and dead, different from the material, physical images made with traditional mediums. But why is this?

It is because sight is a kind of extension of touch, we don't just see things but also see our relationship to those things. When images become simply light they amputate this awareness, and with it, our spatial, tactile and bodily modes of understanding.

It is a simple and superficial change yet, by flattening images and propelling them away virtually, a profound disconnect is imbued in them.

If instead we think not of computers as they are today, but instead think about moving from static mediums such as writing and marks on paper (which is what we try to emulate with the computer) to a dynamic medium with computational responsiveness infused into it - one that can participate in the making - then the true potential of human-computer creation can be explored...