Productive Lows

Humans are not machines. We struggle to be consistent in the true sense. We fluctuate between soaring highs; when you feel most yourself, confident and powerful - to the crushing lows, far away from logic and reason, struggling to make decisions and know your direction.

This is natural, unavoidable and a part of you.

Over time however, thankfully, you regress to the mean - your average.

It's all about raising that, just a little bit everyday.

For every high there is an equal low.

Highs take care of themselves - as long as they are not distractingly high. You work at your best, have great sense of direction and manage to effectively shrug off problems thrown your way.

This is the time for the most difficult decision-making tasks - ones that require all your willpower to overcome and direct.

Lows, however, can stop you dead in your tracks.

It is important not to fake this, not to fight against it - only time will get you back to normal, if you end up fighting you could end up wasting time, having to repeat a task at a later date to an adequate quality, all because you were unwilling to admit you weren't at your best - you made a bad call.

It is important to know that you make these bad decisions during your lows. And it is important to not let those decisions roll over and effect the other you's - the better ones whose time is better spent tackling the really big challenges.

Be productive when you are high, and (more importantly) be productive when you are low.

Save the mundane for the low.

Save the zombie work for it.

Save the work with the minimal amount of decision making...

And live to fight another day (you actually won this one anyway).