Progress Happens From Meaningful Drips

Just one simple improvement a day.

A single email.

One small blog article.

A single social media post.

Progress happens from MEANINGFUL drips - small but vital marginal improvements that take you a step closer to your goal.

This could be an improvement in your technique, a full painting, an article, an exercise routine, a skill to put into practice - whatever action that would mean you were better than yesterday.

After many of these drips things start to build up, all you need to do is make sure those drips are going into the right buckets (or into a bucket at all!)

If you are consistently working on something a bit every day but seeing no meaningful progress towards your goals then you need better strategy; either the steps you are taking need to be redrafted or the goal itself is in someway lacking.

Spend more time clarifying your direction - as a creative this can sometimes be a difficult thing, you want to jump right into it, you want to produce something tangible you can point to and say to others: "look at the progress I have made!".

However over the long term if you have weak direction, or no over arching strategy, if your drips aren't going into the right buckets, you will have wasted time and effort.

If you spend more time beforehand, strategizing, planning, the execution comes naturally. If you know the WHY then the HOW is a piece of cake.

To kick things up a notch , commit to having many of these drips constantly pouring into different causes in tandem, you'd be surprised at how much you're capable of with the right impetus and structure. Promise and commit to others to have a cause that pulls you to new heights. Do something everyday and share it on Social Media, there is no better way to visually see your effort turning into a great volume.

Trust in the process, take the time to clarify your direction and eventually those drips will become oceans..