Qualify and Quantify

Artmaking from the outside in is a magical and lyrical process.

If artitsts spin their stories well they amplify that raw emotion in a viewer's heart. Creating magic.

Being an artmaker you must quantify and qualify to keep things simple. You don't ask; how do I capture the essence of a child's smile? That's impossible. But you can place colours and marks in such a way that ellicits that effect...

Thinking of technique is an unusual no-no in the modern art world. It somehow inhibits your core and pure artistic spirit. But this is not the case...

Technique, learnt well, amplifies this.

It is such a relief to know that all of those amazing effects you feel when you look at art, all the questions they bring up, can also be made from your art.

When you next like something in a work or dislike it, quantify and qualify it. Isolate the exact part that is making you feel or question in this way.

Take the human emotion, the nebulous and wonderful feeling, and ask what is really making you feel this way. It's not that your picture lacks 'human soul' it is that it has muddy colours, get to the bottom of it, make actionable steps from your reaction.

Do not mystify like many admirers do, instead clarify.