Seeing Less

Artists do not see more than other people. They see less.

It is in seeing less, seeing the essence of your subject, what is not needed as much as what is, that gives artists their eye.

Complexity is unavoidable in this modern age. Everywhere you go, from your own work, life and relationships, to the torrent of newness and constant updates online - it feels like you'll never be able to get ontop of everything. There is always one thing that'll slip by and shatter your peace and control...

Humans aren't made to see everything though. We select and form habits around this selection.

It is a process of elemination, of simplification.

It is a fascinating thing, that by focusing on less we actually understand more.

If we concentrated on what we don't need, instead of everything we do, if we understood that actually seeing less, not more, is what brings control and full understanding then we can start to navigate our lives with more appreciation, clarity and effectivness.

Seeing less is concious thinking.

It is doing more with less.

It is choosing control over chaos.