Sketchbooks: The Conduit for New Ideas

As an artist I am constantly on the hunt to gather new ideas. To make new connections and see new things to add to my next piece..

That's great... now where do you start looking for that?

Outside? On Pinterest? In art books or in galleries?

The answer is YES.

Well in actuality it doesn't matter at all where you get that initial inspiration from.. there are so many viable options and it is really dependent on you as an artist - you will likely grow and change throughout you career and the sources you use to spark that initial flame will change too!

The challenge then is how to capture the ideas these inspirations make within you.

Sketchbooks are like your net in the river of creativity. I say river because your thoughts are embedded in time - they are experienced linearly like the line in this sentence, like the water running through a stream.

If you do not capture these thoughts then they may be swept beyond you and out of view...

But don't worry if this does happen - the wonderful thing about being an artist is you really never run out of ideas, just phases when you struggle and phases when you don't.

You never run out of things to say, so why would your creative ideas be any different?

But creative ideas need to be nurtured and developed - they are iterated on from the undefined emotion to the fully sculpted idea.

So you need a way to make sense of the nebulous and wonderful storms of creative ideas that swirl around in your head - sketchbooks are the conduit, you use them to reign in and harness those chaotic, natural emotions.

A sketchbook is your key to capturing new ideas, the seeds which you can then later plant into fully grown pieces - the store of ingredients for your creative crucible.