Slow, Steady And Constant Progress

The world will tell you that you must change it.

That you must invent the wheel.

That you must produce work from nothing and have it impact the world, leaving your mark, improving the lives of others - solving world hunger.

This is an exaggeration - but not too far from the truth of our thoughts.

To be inexperienced is to want to prove to others you have experience.

Ironically this makes you focus on the end result, rather than the all important journey of getting there - the journey is the real result, the finished piece at the end is just a byproduct of it...

Too often when we know nothing, or too little, we mean to change too much.

Too much of ourselves, too much of the world from our work.

Both of these put such a huge weight and burden on us - the real key to making an impact however is slow, steady and constant progress.

Small increases in quantity, small increases in quality - maintained. It is a marathon, not a sprint.

It is in some ways harder, and other ways easier.

Easier because it is simpler - small improvements to yourself and your work and your environment are usually known to you at the time; no paradigm shifts necessary, no divine lucid insight required, you are all that you need, you figure the rest out when you get there, you have enough time.

Harder because you work longer. You must follow through every day, you must repeat, you become impatient, lazy and unfocused. It is much easier to perform incredibly well in a short amount of time under the throws of passion and inspiration than maintain a constant trajectory over a long one...

You do not need to invent the wheel.

You do however need to turn your own a little bit every day, every month, every year...