So Close You Can't See

You're a lone badass artist. You toil late at night and early in the morning. You're a creative, a business owner, an authority...

I think singular vision is an incredibly great thing. But for all that I value independence and artists having full control and insight into their practice - you just can't do it alone.

Because often we are so focused we loose sight of the whole picture - so high up above the clouds our work never makes it down to earth.

If you're like me then you also overcomplicate when often the simplest and obvious solutions are the best, another symtom of being to close you can't see.

You need a confidant, a friend and equal who may not know you subject as deep as you do but knows enough to be a proxy and intermediate for an educated audience.

Make sure you have one (or a few) - these people are your life-vests, anchoring you down and stopping you from going blind.