Spin As Many Plates As You Can

Have you ever heard: "if you want to get something done, give it to the busiest person you know"

It is an old adage and so incredibly true.

When we have little to do - one project to work on, it gets diluted by time. Because you have far too much time to do it in you end up procrastinating, loosing touch and coming back to it - floundering.

On the other hand, have you ever had a deadline just around the corner, or worse yet, several deadlines?

How much do you get done in that time? - A staggering amount.

How can these two different characters possibly be the same person?

Effort to workload is not a linear relationship. When you have one task you do it ...eventually. When you have several, you devour them immediately.

Putting just the right amount of pressure on yourself forces you to choose. And choosing leads to commitment, which leads to leaps in progress.

You subconsciously receive a heuristic, leading you to breakdown and triage your tasks. Getting them done.

However, we don't like choosing, it constrains us to follow through - it is why, given the option, we would rather postpone that choice to another day. This is why we procrastinate when we have few tasks to do....

It is a strange and delightful phenomena to know that working on many things, committing to many things, having many plates in motion, brings out the best in you.

It is like gravity while juggling, unless you have several, moving fast you will struggle to move any at all...

Do not spread one thing over a long period of time, sprinkle many over a small amount.

Cultivate a rich use of your time - not a diluted one.