Take Your Choice Away

Decision making is difficult.

It is difficult because it forces you to make a choice, to have to actively think - do it too much in a day and you get decision fatigue.

It is why leadership is so difficult. It is why it is easier to stay in your current job than reach for the next. It is why being a successful creative is such a challenge.

When you look at the choices you face as a creative it can be incredibly daunting - at times you can choose to do almost anything. So how do you pick correctly? How do you pick professionally? This is what fundamentally separates pros from novices...

This is what good direction, either from up above or from yourself does; it takes the choice away, it either eliminates it all together or seriously limits the options.

It is not just enough to remove the bad decisions you could possibly take, but to separate the good ones too, leaving just the great.

It is the same effect as limiting your medium as an artist - if you can ONLY work in film then you HAVE to find a way to express in it. These conditions cause leaps, and leaps cause meaningful progress.

Limits in this context do not mean stilted growth or progress - they more define the boundary, the specification and conditions you will work within. It is what you do within these conditions that define you, all you concern yourself with is the execution.

Decide on a WHY. Decide on an overall aim. Decide your limits.

All simply to take away your choice.