The Art Of Practice

Practice. Discipline. Freedom.

For all of the intellectualizing, the expounding, the words we put to things - we are doing creatures.

We learn through activity, through creation, thinking is a muscular energetic activity - not a static one.

Through practice we build experience - we build grounded ideas based on the real world, not our arbitrary opinion.

Practice; conscious, targeted and consistent incremental effort and improvement is undervalued.

What use is practice when you can spend time just making the thing as you go? If you can just turn up, have your idea and publish it - in this case the idea, the final outcome, has more value than the process.

Both have their place and benefits.

However, by maintaining a responsibility over time, by pushing through the dips in passion and quality, practice reveals much we previously did not know...

The process, the practice is the thing - the ideas, the products are just a byproduct of this, fruit that falls from the tree you constantly attend to every day...

The Sixteenth of September (Le seize septembre), René Magritte