The Importance of Daily Records In Experimental Practice

How do you make something you do not know how to create?

OR even better..

How do you make something you don't even know?

There are known unknowns and unknown unknowns. Working within the space of these two is what it means to be an experimental artist or creative. It is setting off in a direction with an unknown destination. It is saying; 'hey I don't know where this leads but I have a hunch it'll be good'.

I think the only way to navigate this space properly is by creating within it A LOT. With each new piece revealing a little bit more of the map. In order to do this effectively you build from one piece to the next - you do that with daily records.

A log. A journal. Data.

Without these you are putting in all the effort with very little return. You're committing to indescriminate action which is it's own kind of hell - one where you are constantly busy yet not effective at all...

You don't know where you are going but you do know where you are coming from, that is really what a daily record is.

It is an analysis of yesterday's progress - what went wrong, what went well, what to do next.

If you define your end goal too rigidly you end up constraining what you can potentially create, which you obviously do not want. So think of the previous day's record as a STARTING POINT for today's creation, not it's end...

Whatever happens happens, sometimes you win, sometimes you learn - and with a solid impetus and diagnosis framework you'll make sure that you're moving forward despite days that don't go your way.

Direction over destination.

Process over product.