The Momentum Of Winning

When you win, you set a precedent. That win propels you forward and encourages you to win again...

You must win as early in the day as you can - do the washing from the night before, wake up early, make your bed, exercise, meditate... Whatever a win looks like to you, especially if it is a small one!

Once you have a small victory, which is more just the productive use of your time, you are much more likely to move onto the next and then the next and pretty soon you've had a productive day, week, month.....

The same is true of loosing though - if you don't get those early wins, you not only don't win, you loose. If you leave the dirty washing your less likely to follow up on that email you need to close that deal, if you don't do a 10 minute exercise today you're less likely to do it tomorrow - more likely to eat that delicious doughnut your college is giving out for free...

Momentum works both ways and starts with incredibly small actions (or inaction).

Use this to your advantage and the effects inevitably snowball...

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