Know The Important And The Urgent

The accessibility our devices afford us nowadays is a godsend. We can now by and large use and access most of our apps, data and communications even when on the go and in the remote areas.

With great power comes great responsiveness...

Not only can we have access to the world but the world has access to us. We see an email, an update, an icon of an addictive app and we immediately respond. We make the unimportant urgent. We put other's errands in-front of our own...

Often at the expense of the opportunity in front of us. Throwing our priorities out of sync and clouding our direction.

Those emails will still be there when you get in in the morning, so spend the evening with your loved ones instead.

That social media feed will forever be scrollable, so concentrate the impermanent instead - or else opportunities, people, events and the physical world will pass you by...

With the abundance of choice there is another choice.

What we choose NOT to do is far more valuable than what we choose to.

What we remove.

What we don't need.

What important and meaningful things we prioritize instead of the urgent.

Remove social media's presence from your date night.

Those things aren't going anywhere, but your date just might.