Tools Amplify, Not Replace

When we have a task, an intention, we seek to complete it.

We then seek to complete it better than before; optimized, faster, easier.

These optimizations in quality and quantity come in the form of tools. Tools amplify our existing capabilities, things we can already do, and our possibilities, things we couldn't do before.

Fashion, for example is a tool. It amplifies human traits, you use makeup and clothes to enhance what is already there.

However when we overly rely on tools, on this amplification, the enhancement is all that we see and think exists. We forget our intention and the thing we once sought to amplify vanishes. Turning the activity hollow and vapid - superficial.

Dogma we are blind to.

Compulsions we submit to.

It is the difference between watching Netflix to be entertained by a story and just watching Netflix. The difference between seeking and finding an answer online and scrolling through the void.

The difference between active and passive uses of our time.

Things that enrich versus things that consume.

When we replace the intention of the action with the delivery of it, it looses its meaning - and we wonder why we aren't any happier for the experience...

Tools amplify, so there is always a choice of WHAT to amplify.

If we have nothing to amplify, then we will get more of it, louder and louder every time.

Have intention.

Have desire.

Have want.

Know where you end and the tool (your motive & intention) begins.