Treat Yourself Like A Loved One

When our loved ones and friends have problems we are often the font of all knowledge. We dish out advice and opinion to them in an effort to help.

When this does work and you suggested a solution, it may be incredibly obvious to you. And upon hearing it, obvious to your friend.

This situation is familiar and we have all been both people...

Why is it then, that we have this knowledge, but then cannot act upon it ourselves?

Why can we not see the problems from our own perspective but with perfect clarity when we are outside of it?

What makes us unaware?

We tend to overthink for one. And we tend to be fearful of that which has the most impact on our lives, fearful of change ultimately.

This is natural and instinctual.

Our minds and hearts decide the 'safest' options and hide or disqualify or justify against the most vital actions we must pursue for great change.

So think of yourself as a dear friend, a loved one, whom you are giving advice to.

Remove yourself from the situation and see it with casual clarity as you would in conversation and drinking coffee.

We generally know the answers to our problems and steps we must take so start encouraging the dialogue with yourself.

Treat yourself to the standards you treat others.

You'd be surprised at what you are capable of.