Try, Then Learn. In That Order.

There are a million ways to do any one thing in the modern world.

Leaning to paint? there are 100's of teachers on YouTube that can show you how.

Want to code? There are multitudes of repos out there to read through.

So many 'right' ways, so many truths. So how to pick?

The answer is to tailor to your situation, your level, your best way of understanding..

And that first starts with trying.

When you try, you basically create the questions you need to answer through online tutorials:

Tried to code a program, I understand loops but what is this pointer thing?

Finished a painting, my colours are fine but the anatomy is off...

From these problems, from your conscious and targeted practice, the questions arise.

Finding the answers is the easy part. Once learned, the process starts again on a new level, with a new devil...

Try something and then learn about it - in that order.