We Adapt

We adapt, and by extension, so do our tools, our technology.

Humankind has developed ways to reach far underwater, into space and live within the harshest conditions. The thinking that went behind these astounding feats, the tools that we developed to fit them like a glove, were conceived and built when we encountered those problems - an ad-hoc, evolutionary process.

These could not have been done unless we had that challenge, those questions put to us. Born out of conflict and challenge.

Environment shapes our tools.

So what happens when we sit back? When we replace meaning with convenience? When our environment is a sedentary one, our tools are shaped by it, just like under any other condition.

Technology is not on an ever ascending trajectory. It seeps into the cracks and the crevasses of our primary uses for it. That is why in this age of abundance we must be incredibly careful to not have that convenience, which eventually turns to laziness, compounded and reinforced by our tools.

Instead we must use this leverage, this opportunity, this convenience, to springboard ourselves to think and develop tools previously unreachable - solving the difficult problems of the future.

Without challenge we will stagnate.

We will adapt to anything, so let's make sure it is something worth adapting towards..