What If The Opposite Were True

What if the thing you didn't want to do, the thing your were scared of, didn't think could or should work actually did?

Would you reconsider your current actions? Would you reevaluate your assumptions? Or is your current course correct despite it?

This thought experiment is so incredibly useful in getting to the bottom, the root, of why you make decisions.

Much of the time we unconsciously proceed with our plans assuming they are correct - we change what we do now to fit an uncertain outcome. Very often this unknowingly shackles our possible decisions and prevents us from seeing the full picture.

By asking this question we can help identify our unfounded beliefs. Often we consider options not viable just because they don't seem like they would work, not because we actually know they wouldn't.

The same can be said of things we believe to be true.

We go all in on one direction and don't factor in a contingency plan - what if this didn't work? What would I do then to make sure the losses incurred were minimized or used to my advantage?

Separating what we actually know and have experienced from arbitrary assumptions is the quickest way to rapid growth and effective decision making.

Whether you are true or not is besides the point - the point is you must learn from it regardless.