What Is Your Starting Inspiration?

Inspiration is vital for beginning a creative piece.

Some kind of impetus.

External or Internal.

From a client's brief or your own ideas...

Finding good sources for the latter is something us creatives must figure out. You can't just demand new ideas of yourself - they have to come from somewhere, grow from some kind of seed...

Knowing what kind of thing gives you that spark and where to get it from is probably the most important thing you must figure out for your art practice...

Everything else is really a byproduct of it.

It determines your interest and continued enjoyment of your work.

And when you enjoy something, you get that much better at it...

Is it from your sketchbook?

From movies you watch?

From walks you go on?

From instagram or pinterest?

From other artists?

All of the above?

Building your inspirational reservoir into your spare time is a great way to let your creative well refill. Make it something actually enjoyable for you, something easy, stress free - with zero expectations and pressure...

Used for work but different to it...

It is important to constantly keep this sort of creative seed generation going - spending a little bit of time on it every-so-often so that when you do need to start something new you can pull from the large saved up bank of seeds and ingredients....

Inspiration isn't something you need to get to work every day but it is necessary to begin new ideas and projects. So it's worth thinking about...

What is your starting inspiration? And where do you get it from?

© Stuart Faromarz Batchelor 2021



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