What You Don't Need

Modern life is abundance so spending your time is more a matter of exclusion than inclusion.

We ask questions in multiple areas, get overwhelmed by the noise back and ultimately end up without answers...

Fickle blips instead of permanent purpose.

We mistake our wants for our needs. We think we must keep up with every post, every update - everything 'new'. But how do we get back? How do we focus on the timeless instead of the most recent?

What you choose NOT to do is the question you must ask yourself.

Select fewer goals, hobbies and ambitions and then go incredibly deep within them. Exclude what is really unnecessary to reveal what you really care about...

Instead of spreading yourself thin, spread yourself thick.

Choose sparingly. Choose meaningfully. Choose consciously.

Minimal breadth with extreme depth.

Focus on what you don't need and what you do need will slowly reveal itself.