You Don't Want ALL The Likes...

..just the ones from those who matter..

Common social promotion practice would dictate to you that you must aim for a 20% engagement rate from your followers.

This is true if you are seeking to satisfy them.

However, people won't like everything you do.

They may love what you hate. Hate what you love. Not understand, misinterpret.

For better of for worse - it won't be consistent though, not to everyone.

They will like the weirder things less, the things that push and pull at the borders - the stuff that REALLY matters, the stuff that is real change.

You should aim instead to not build the quantity of engagement but the quality of it.

Use social media as a litmus test for new ideas. But don't get swallowed up and loose yourself in it.

Being you, maintaining your vision, doing work for yourself, is far more important than having a wider audience.

Quality of engagement - not quantity.

Aim to connect to someone, not everyone.

The people who matter, your kind of people.

The rest is just noise.