Your Ideal Day

Planning your best day - one that you will be happy with at the end, gets you to prioritize and do the most vital actions you need to do...

You end up being happier than if you were to not, than if you were to spend your time on things that'd give you immediate but not long-lasting happiness; playing games, binging Netflix, partying...

Why is this?

Those kinds of activities hit a return limit - you only get so much joy out of them before they end up costing more than they are worth. They create breaks and distractions - vital for a calm mind, but not vital for progress...

What planning your ideal day actually does is it gets you to think in terms of delayed gratification - you don't think of the activity itself giving you happiness but the results of it, it's a projected happiness...

Don't just do the things that make you happy NOW, also do the things that will make you happy AFTER. Begin to see your time spent now as the returns they bring later...

Don't see just the activity as it is today - but what it will bring tomorrow.

For better or worse.

Plan your ideal day and follow through - do this enough and you will start to easily turn down immediate short-term joy for delayed longer-term fulfillment.

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