Your Radical Potential

Your actions are a reflection of your goals - what you want, what you are aiming for.

Many think that working harder is the answer to getting what you want. But really it is not. That mentality puts the cart before the horse.

What you need is a strong goal. A strong want. That creates strong actions - ones that from the outside appear to be 'hard work' or 'natural talent' or 'iron discipline'. An effective goal makes the efficient work easy. It is something to wake up for in the morning...

We'd all work hard if there were a gun to our head, energy is not our problem. So when you feel like you're procrastinating or not working hard enough ask yourself - "are my goals equal to my potential".

I think this is an incredible distinction from setting yourself goals you know you can do given the time. It does not mean a mad amount of hard work, not necissarily. Indescriminent action is its own kind of punishment and incredibly destructive. It is not the path with the most work ahead, but the scariest path for sure.

Confronting your potential asks you to delve deep. Face that part of yourself you can't look at - that part that is the better, stronger you that you keep hidden away.

Your true potential is something you know deep down - and if it doesn't scare you at least a little bit then you aren't digging deep enough.

That fear is natural and a valuable indcation. It is reflective of the radical change you will need to go through to meet it.

THAT is the hero's journey. It is a transformative one. Demanding the best from you. Pressuring you not to hustle chaotically, but to make the important choices and actions you would never do sitting back in comfort...

It is not life and death though. But is your life. No one else can see what you see but you ...

Subvert expectations.

Push your current boundaries away.

Confront your radical potential.

You've known it your whole life.