Your Rich Professional History

As you grow as an artist, or in any professional career, your previous work becomes less and less relevant to your current.

You pick and choose and edit your history so only the strong and important pieces are revealed to the current audience.

Through your site. Your social feeds.

Through what you present to others and edit within yourself.

Your history gets richer, and also less. Making it intense, more concentrated.

This is the flip side of making large amounts of work and building volume.

From the mass of marble you sculpt your career.

You separate the wheat from the chaff.

Too often we focus on our day-to-day failures and loose sight of our long-term accomplishments. It is important to fail day-to-day because they cause long-term accomplishments.

So keep in mind your rich professional history and focus on those works and accomplishments that look good on your timeline.

If it looks good on paper, then it probably is...