Your Style

As a beginner artist I always questioned what my 'style' was...

Was it painterly and gestural or geometric or realistic ....

Like this artist or that..

The truth is that you cannot just pick your style. Well not directly anyway....

Style evolves from what marks you make - and the marks you make are dictated by what you observe..

For example, If you were painting a still life - do you see how vibrant the fruits are? Or how elaborate the design is on that bowl? Perhaps you see both, or something completely different, it all comes down to how you interpret and observe the information you are given..

It's not about what you SEE, it's about what YOU see..

You are a melting pot, you put different ingredients in - visuals, real, digital, audio, an environment, something you read, anything... you process them, remix them and boom, you get your final piece..

Pay more attention to what interests you, the kinds of things you use to feed your pieces and your craft. Then, just do it and see what happens... From this your 'style' emerges, an evolution of your decisions, the nuances of your choices and materials you chose to use...

Think process, not style.

© Stuart Faromarz Batchelor 2021



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